Skate aids, if raced with, used wrong or crashing will be taken away without warning!

Skate Aids for adults or Teen, stack two together for proper height and skating posture.


PUBLIC SKATING -$10.00 (Ages 5 & Older)

-$4.00 – Ages 3yr & 4yr old includes rentals

SKATE RENTAL $4.00 (Ages 5 & Older)

Rentals have full sizes only, no half sizes. Figure or Hockey skate are available


Dates & Times subject to change.

Online pre-registration is preferred. Please register below.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Afternoons



No Skating  (No 5/24-to-6/7 – ice painting),

No 7/4, 7/24, 7/25, 8/23,

(Website correct over Red Brochure)

Friday Nights

8:45pm-10pm Sep 1-Mar 22

8:30pm-10- Mar 29- Aug 23

Runs weekly except No 5/31, 6/7,

then no 8/23  (Website correct over Red Brochure)

Saturday Afternoons


Runs weekly NO 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 8/24)

(Website is correct over Red Brochure)

Updated 6/24/24


Please use our registration form below to sign up for an upcoming public skate session. 

Scroll down to the Public Skate Section in the form to see upcoming sessions. 

Pre-registration is NOT required but will speed up entry; you may register ahead of time using form below.

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Check out this video on the proper way to tie Ice Skates

6 Helpful Tips

1. Do you want figure or Hockey skates, figure is better for newer skaters.

2. All kids should begin in figure skates for proper learning, all our hockey players here began this way.

3. We do not offer half sizes on full sizes, (we have little kids 8 to adult 13).

4. Tie your skates tight, real tight.

5. If you can’t walk you can’t skate, fix your skates, get a different size or model.

6. New skaters should walk around, jump in place even run a bit off the ice in their skates.

4. Do not have the kids just sit still before they hit the ice. As they will feel better off the ice, they will feel better on the ice.

5. Did you remember a helmet? Not required for public, but HIGHLY recommended.

6. Little kids, if they struggle, just have them march on the ice, in figure skates it helps propel them.

Public Skating at Power Play Rinks Rules

Public ice-skating rules may vary depending on the specific rink or facility. However, here are some general guidelines that are commonly followed:

  1. Skating direction: Most rinks have designated directions for skating. Typically, skaters are required to skate counterclockwise around the rink. It’s important to follow this direction to maintain safety and avoid collisions.
  1. Speed and control: Skaters should maintain a reasonable speed and remain in control at all times. Avoid excessive speed or reckless skating that could endanger others. No Figure Spins, Jumps or axels or other freestyle type moves during public skating.
  1. Yielding and overtaking: When overtaking slower skaters, it’s courteous to announce your presence or give a verbal indication before passing. Slower skaters should yield to faster skaters when it is safe to do so.
  1. No stopping or standing in the middle of the rink: To prevent collisions and obstruction, avoid stopping or standing in the middle of the ice. If you need to take a break, move to the sides of the rink.
  1. No horseplay or rough behavior: To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone, horseplay, pushing, or any rough behavior is not allowed on the ice. No Ear Buds or Headphones are allowed while skating.
  1. Respect other skaters: Treat fellow skaters with respect and courtesy. Avoid cutting in front of others or engaging in disruptive behavior that may interfere with their skating experience.
  1. Appropriate attire: Wear appropriate attire for ice skating, including warm clothing and gloves. Helmets are often recommended, especially for beginners or young skaters.
  1. No earbuds for safety and hearing if someone coming from another direction
  1. No sitting on player benches or to retie your skates, leave the ice for that.
  1. Walkers can be used on a first come first serve basis; should be only used by those who need the assistance and not as a toy.  No ramming or crashing the walkers together or against the boards.  The walkers can be taken away at any time if misused