Gray Beard Hockey

Gray Beard is designed for the more "seasoned" hockey players.  The goal is to allow older players an opportunity to enjoy hockey without chasing the younger players.  Gray Beard is a “pick up” style game open to players of most ability.  Players are required to purchase and wear a reversible green/white jersey in the pro shop ONLY no other jersey allowed this year.  Every week, the teams are changed to keep the games competitive.  All games include one official and score keeper.  No stats are kept, just a night of good ole hockey. We offer three different sessions.  Players must provide a current USA Hockey Number upon registering. No walk-ons are permitted, no fighting ever! Players must be paid in full and wear full equipment and a cage/half shield. Enroll early!






Saturday Nights

35 & Older $305

(24 weeks)

Runs Sept. 12 to Mar 6

10:30pm (No ice on 11/27, 12/25) 

Spring / Summer


35 & Older $375

(24 weeks)

Runs Mar. 8 to Aug. 23

8:10pm-9:25pm (No ice on 5/31)

Spring / Summer


40 & Older $375

(24 weeks)

Runs Mar. 9 to Aug. 24

9pm-10:15pm (No ice on 4/13)