Puck Skills Training



 All Lessons are 30 minutes

Is your player struggling to score or stick handle? We have the solution for you!  We offer half hour private lessons conducted one on one with a skills coach.  Private lessons offer an environment free of distractions to allow your player to improve on their individual deficiencies at their own pace.  The coach will cater the lesson to the player's needs.  Players can elect to work on shooting, puck handling, or a combination of both.  Lessons are most beneficial when we are able to work with a player on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to allow the player to build on the skills set. 

To book your lesson contact Adam at Ext. 103 or adam@powerplayrinks.com


NHL Package- 6 Sessions $185 ($25 Savings)

AHL Package- 4 Sessions $125 ($15 Savings)

ECHL Package- 3 Sessions $95 ($10 Savings)

Puck Skills & Goalie Training Sessions- 1 Sessions for $35

Goalie Training with former NHL Goalie Michel Larocque, $65 per session, no packages available

Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson will be charged for the missed lesson.

All packages must be pre-paid in advance either while or before booking the lessons


All Lessons are 30 minutes

This is the BEST way to refine the individual skills in your goaltender.  Goaltending is a very difficult position; it takes mental comprehension, physical ability, laser focus and technical implementation.  In a private 1-on-1 lesson with a goalie coach your goalie is able to work on the specific problems they may have in their game.  The 1-on-1 interaction provides a comfortable environment for them to ask questions and get the information they need to improve the most important position in the game.  When your goalie is the only student it allows the lesson to be catered to a pace and difficulty level most conducive for their improvement.  We provide a changing room and goalies should be fully dressed in all their gear and skates by the time of their lesson. Lessons must be booked in advance.   To book your lesson contact Adam at Ext. 103 or adam@powerplayrinks.com